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Business Overview

Business Development Development Sales Operations

What are Sankyo's Development & Sales Operations?

In our "Research & Development" department, we listen to the on-site needs of customers and conduct research and development while placing importance on "the end-user's perspective".
We also aspire not just for "plain manufacturing", but for development which combines "knowledge and skill"; we approach new-product development with the added value of "both know-how and patents that have been cultivated through technical challenges"; and we advance the development of more appealing products and services in order to guarantee safety and respond to the various needs of the current era.

What are Sankyo's Development & Sales Operations?

Main Development Product Lineup

Starting with "Seven Scaffolding", the wedge binding scaffolding that makes setting up possible with just one hammer, we have a vast lineup of products that support you at the worksite from scaffolding to machine and telecommunications products, such as "lifts" which have mechanized unloading materials and contribute to improving productivity, "plat walls" which are both aesthetic and insulate against sound, and "Kuraresu", the security system equipped with network cameras.

  • Temporary Construction Committee Association of Certified Products

    Seven Scaffolding (Wedge Binding)

    Wedge binding scaffolding with a vast lineup of products and strong binding strength that makes construction suitable for the worksite possible.

  • PVC Sound-proof Temporary Enclosure

    Plat Walls

    Plat walls are PVC temporary enclosures registered with NETS (New Technology Systems, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)


    Safety Nets

    Mesh sheeting which ensures "aesthetic value" and "safety", two aspects which govern the image of the worksite.


    Deterioration Management Products

    Products which help manage deterioration so you can use the products safely.


    General Temporary Products

    We have a lineup of framework scaffolding products, aluminum products and other general-purpose products.

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