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Wedge Binding Type Scaffolding

Protecting the foundation of the site with the strength of wedge binding.

The 7 Features of Seven Scaffolding

Of the various types of scaffolding used in building sites, such as steel-pipe scaffolding, Sankyo handles in "wedge binding-type scaffolding", developed at Sankyo. The functionality and reliability that create the combination of original constructions and various types of products have a very good reputation and are steadily gaining a share in a wide range of fields, including single-family houses, low rise buildings, mid-to-high rise buildings such as condominiums, various types of plants, and more.

Mid-to-High Rise

Seven Scaffolding is flexible and can be used in various worksites.

It can be used in building and condominium apartment construction work, a wide variety of renovation work, and special construction work for plants, etc.
The high cost performance and our commitment to mid-to-high rise constructions have been increasing every year through efficiency, earning it a reputation.

  • Housing Complex Renovation Work

  • Building Construction Work

  • Special Construction Work

  • Commercial Facility Construction Work

  • School Renovation Work

  • Plant Renovation Work

Low-Rise Apartment Housing

Seven Scaffolding's flawless safety measures and flexibility give it a good reputation.

< Seven Scaffolding>, the 'wedge binding type scaffolding' includes flawless safety measures to prevent falling objects and disasters in low-rise housing construction work, including single-family houses.

We have established a safe and secure product quality management system.

is a "Temporary Construction Industry Association" certified product that has passed factory inspections and finished product performance tests. We have established production technology and inspection systems that focus on safety from our manufacturing performance since 1984.

  • Robot Welding

  • Acceptance Inspection

  • Tent Storehouses

Component Parts

  • Stilts
  • Step Boards
  • Brackets
  • Cross-Lock
  • Handrails & Plates
  • Jacks
  • Stairs & Ladders
  • Braces
  • Beam Frames
  • Curings
  • Pavilions
  • Other

Setup Examples

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