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Ladder-Type Unloading Vehicle

Ladder-Type Unloading Vehicle Lifting and lowering heavy equipment and machinery is a breeze with the Ladder-Type Unloading Vehicle.  The

Product Lineup

Take it anywhere. It starts working, quick as a flash. Easy work made possible.
The 'Ladder-Type Unloading Vehicle' has high functioning compactability. It is a machine specially made for lifting and lowering at every worksite.

You can't use an elevator and a crane-car won't fit, yet you still need to install or remove an air-conditioner, solar panel or building materials. You still might not be able to do it even by taking your time with more workers. Even in situations like this when there is no solution, the Ladder-Type Unloading Vehicle will help you. Load equipment and machinery as well as work tools into the cargo and lift them up or lower them. It's safe, speedy and also eliminates a shortage of workers. A completely new service like none before. Keep an eye out for it.

Features of the Ladder-Type Unloading Vehicle

Product Lineup

Presenting the birth of two types: one that can be used in high places and one that can be used in narrow places!

The Self-Propelled Ladder-Type Unloading Vehicle, used every day in overseas countries. It is offered openly like a taxi and is a huge success in downtown areas. At Sankyo Corporation, where we promote establishing a better work environment, we develop our own original products to solve Japan's lifting and lowering problems. In Fall of 2014, we plan to start a full-scale service.

Ladder-Type Unloading Vehicle 220

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