Message from the President

Keep having clear-set goals and stalwart resolutions.

I am deeply grateful for your support and interest in Sankyo Corporation.
Since being established, our company has continued to grow while handling products for the temporary construction sector within the construction industry. Our mainstay product is modular system scaffolding. With this and other products, we strive to deliver safe and secure working environments, and construction processes to construction sites.
With the substantial global changes in recent years, there is increasing instability and uncertainty. We assume that the future will be similar in terms of major transformations, and we are striving to strengthen our business foundations. Central to this are efforts to boost productivity and human resources development, which we are confident will help fortify our business to face future challenges.

New Leadership and Innovation

Our mission is to achieve sustainable growth without being buffeted by the changing times. Our strategy and approach toward this is leadership, that includes stalwart resolution and vision, includes new innovation.
We are being called upon to more robustly drive forward with future-oriented technological development and the generation of new values. In order to put this into action, transformations in our corporate culture are prerequisites. These include swifter decision-making and new work styles that transcend organizational boundaries.
It is difficult through individual effort alone to hone the abilities, thus our people will need to respond to these myriad changes, and to correctly and effectively acquire skills. Without on-going team-based learning and organizational programs for gaining skills, we will not be able to develop a high level of adaptability.
Creating safe and secure construction site is the type of value truly in demand by customers. We are rebuilding our development of products and systems that will aid in this process. We will continue to challenge ourselves to innovate from an even broader perspective, while reassessing temporary construction products and including in our focus new combinations and revolutionary work processes that lead to greater productivity for workers on construction sites.
Going forward, we anticipate many obstacles awaiting us. Without fearing failure, we will boldly continue in our ambition to face challenges, and we ask for the on-going support and understanding of our stakeholders.