The beginning of Sankyo's business, repairing and maintaining scaffolds
  • The company began operations as Kyoritsu Kiko Sangyo, founded by Kazuyuki Sanada, in Ibaraki city, Osaka, and the company’s early business involved repairing and maintaining scaffolds.
  • Sensing the prospects for the scaffolding repair business, the company moved away from working as a subcontractor and worked to solidify its foundation.
  • Hiroshima Office opened (Miyoshi city, Hiroshima)
Moving into the leasing business for temporary construction equipment and materials
  • Kyoritsu Kenzai Leasing Co., Ltd was established (Moriguchi city, Osaka) and the company became the first to enter the temporary construction equipment and materials leasing business in the Kansai region.
  • Takarazuka Equipment Center opened (Takarazuka city, Hyogo)
  • Head Office and company building constructed in Neyagawa city, Osaka
Manufacturing business starts
  • Beam components production and sales commenced
    • Construction manual for Beam components (at the time)

  • Tokyo Sales Office opens, as business expands to the Tokyo Metropolitan area
  • Modular system scaffolding, developed by reflecting scaffolding installation specialists, production and sales commenced
    • Safety Step catalogue (at the time)

  • Company name changed to "Sankyo Corporation"
  • Sankyokai established to cement collaboration with partner companies
  • Frame scaffolding production and sales commenced
Full-fledged expansion of temporary construction business
  • Modular system scaffolding certified by Scaffolding and Construction Equipment of Japan (SCEA)
  • CI Committee launched in order to spread the Sankyo values and mindset company-wide
  • First internal slogan adopted: Full Scale Awareness Revolution '92
  • Shoring system production and sales commenced
  • Steel plate temporary enclosure and Seal sticking machinery production and sales commenced
    • Steel plate temporary enclosure and construction examples (at the time)

Searching for a corporate ideal suited to the times
  • Modular system scaffolding rental and installation business commenced
  • Six new operation centers opened nationwide
  • Strengthened training for young managers
  • HR systems restructuring project launched
  • SSS corporate principles ("Safety, Speedy, Smart") adopted
  • Head Office transferred to Sankyo Building Umeshin (currently, Kita-Ku, Osaka)
  • Three-Year Plan adopted, striving to build a framework for transforming the awareness of scaffolding installation specialists and employees, while emphasizing a learning-oriented organization
  • Takanori Sanada takes command as company president
  • SPC (SSS Professional Communication) activities for scaffolding installation specialists launched
Bringing scaffolding to the service industry
  • Four new operation centers opened nationwide and strengthened scaffolding rental and installation business
  • Developed scaffolding scraping machinery
  • Acquired ISO 9001:2000 certification
  • First Medium-term Management Plan "Target 111" formulated
  • Company products and services organized under one brand
  • Scaffolding rental and installation business
    • “SEVEN ASHIBA” scaffolding logo
      (At the time)

  • Sales reach 10 billion yen
  • Second Medium-term Management Plan "Reborn 36" formulated, Fundamental company policy: "quality over quantity"
  • Kanto Lift Center opened, under the Scaffolding Lift Division, putting our lift rental business in place
    • Kanto Lift Center
      (at the time)

A business evolving on multiple tracks moves toward international expansion
  • Third Medium-term Management Plan "Passion for the SEA" formulated
  • Crime prevention network monitoring system business launched
  • Sankyo Korea Office opened (Hwaseong city, Gyeonggi-do)
  • PVC sound-proof temporary enclosure production and sales commenced
  • New Technology Information System (NETIS) of Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, registration for PVC sound-proof temporary enclosure
  • PVC sound-proof temporary enclosure center opened
  • Sankyo Korea Corporation established as a local subsidiary in Seoul, S. Korea
  • Rentals commence for crime prevention door on construction sites
  • Fourth Medium-term Management Plan "Vanguard 2012" launched
  • 50th anniversary celebrated
    • Celebrated company's 50th anniversary

  • Ladder-Type lifting and lowering vehicle developed
  • TOBIIRO periodic publication launched
    • First issue of TOBIIRO

From half a century of business to what lies beyond
  • Pavement design business launched
  • Overseas hiring commenced
  • NETIS-VR updated for PVC sound-proof temporary enclosure
  • Fifth Medium-term Management Plan "The Last Ship" formulated
  • New HR system adopted