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What are Sankyo's unloading operations?

Due to an aging society, the labor shortage in constructions sites continues to escalate, and ways to reduce labor are being sought.
At Sankyo, we have faced these circumstances head-on and reduced labor and the need for workers by responding mechanically to every need in lifting and lowering equipment and materials in the worksite.

Main Unloading Operations Product

At Sankyo, we strive to eliminate a shortage of workers, assemble products that can shorten the construction process, and reduce labor and manpower by mechanizing the unloading process.

  • Ladder-Type Unloading Vehicles

    An unloading revolution!
    You can't use an elevator and a crane-car won't fit, yet you still need to install or remove an air-conditioner, solar panel or building materials. You still might not be able to do it even by taking your time with more workers. Even in situations like this when there is no solution, the Ladder-Type Unloading Vehicle will help you.

  • Lift Bar (PV Lift)

    The Lift Bar (PV lift) is a special PV lift that can move vertically, temporary scaffolding for preventing falling objects, and a stage to temporarily place materials, all combined into a system specifically for installing solar powered systems.

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