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What are Sankyo Rental Scaffolding Setup & Removal Operations?

With our rental scaffolding setup and removal, which is responsible for the scaffolding process from assembly to disassembly, we help Japan achieve consistent quality of construction product throughout the country through our in-depth education system and structure. In addition, our rental scaffolding setup & removal operations provides a high-quality service with safety, imagination, and readiness as its foundation and provides optimal solutions for our customer's needs.

What are Sankyo Rental Scaffolding Setup & Removal Operations?

Scaffolding Setup & Removal; Our Main Service

With our "scaffolding rental operations", we not only rent out our products, but also take responsibility for the entire scaffolding process from assembly to disassembly, all done by our construction staff.

  • Seven Scaffolding (Wedge Binding)

    Seven Scaffolding aspires for high service quality based on the provision of "safety", "imagination" and "readiness" with the motto "make a positive impression on the customer".

    The quality of our nationally standardized scaffolding construction products is well known; however, we also carefully select scaffolding products and service content based on the needs and problems of the customer, and support our customers in proposing and creating the perfect worksite for their requests.

  • Support Services for Unloading Heavy Items

    We offer an installation services for construction lifts for middle and low tier worksites. Our lifts can be installed in sites not suitable for large lifts and in narrow areas.
    We also have three types of lifts that correspond to unusual elevator pits and contribute to improving productivity and safety as a permanent unloading machine.

    We provide lifts specifically designed for installing solar powered systems with a platform for materials and scaffolding to your worksite, as a set package.

  • Worksite Image Improvement Services

    We use PVC temporary enclosures instead of the conventional steel ones, providing a pleasing temporary enclosure even for people with excellent visual sense. We can also handle graphic designs such as image-passes, which improves the worksite's image.

  • Client Safety Services

    We provide temporary security cameras and caution sheets as a set package. Our services not only prevents trespassing, but also vandalism, and theft, and the recorded videos can be used as evidence, if necessary.

    We provide temporary security doors with a passcode lock which increases security for entering and exiting the worksite. The doors have an auto-lock feature, which means you do not have to lock the door after you close it.
    You can also use doors that open from the inside for emergency exits.

  • Low-Noise Construction Services

    We provide a low-noise construction services which reduces the noise typical to wedge binding scaffolding. By using a product with a preceding handrail system, the binding noise is reduced by approximately 30% of regular construction, making it the perfect service for worksites in residential areas and worksites that need to be considerate of the neighborhood.

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