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Business Overview

Business Development

We are developing activities to improve the image of customers at actual sites,
which then supports the creation of good site environments while placing importance on communication.

As a manufacturer of wedge binding type scaffolding,
we at Sankyo are focused on creating high-quality scaffolding and to handling the "Production and Sales" and "Setup and Removal Rental" of this product.

In the days ahead, in order to respond to the various needs of the current era, not only will we handle scaffolding production, sales and setup/removal rental,
we also support actual site construction of our customers by providing services with higher added value,
such as improving the image of the customer's actual sites, and improving productivity, on-site management.

We are also making an effort to learn the needs and opinions of our customers through regular surveys and fieldwork (such as on-site hearings),
and are making a positive effort to develop new products and services.

  • Development & Sales
  • Rental Scaffolding Setup & Removal Operations